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Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeën
With a few autumn branches in a vase get your autumn atmosphere good at home. Are you built something more creative than are the following autumn DIY ideas might be a nice challenge for you. What could be nicer than being creative on a rainy day? With this you come the autumn by makers themselves. Still more sense in autumn? Take a look at all autumn posts.

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Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënCreate a print of an autumn leaf with paint.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënMake tea to undermine holders of apples by a piece of.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënMake an autumn Garland of pine cones, give them a Golden Tan for some extras.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënPaint pumpkins with chalk paint for a beautiful matte effect.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënFill a glass jar with layers of natural material and put a candle in the middle.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënMake art of leaves by painting with a particular pattern.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënPaste a felt ball under the hat of a jerk.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënHollow part of a pumpkin out and put a tealight in.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënHang your most beautiful fall photos on to a pendulum of autumn leaves.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënDip autumn leaves in wax so they stay beautiful long and hang them on.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënGive fucks another Tan, for example with nail polish.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënGive pine cones an ombre effect by dyeing them from light to dark.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënMake a mobile of natural materials.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënEnter the Hall of fucks a glitter layer.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënPaste berries around a tea light.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënFill a glass jar with chestnuts and bind there with side a few autumn leaves to.

Herfst DIY/ zelfmaak ideeënOne of my favorites: create small drawings on autumn leaves.

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