At home with Marjolein van VanDieDingenDus

Thuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDus
Four years ago I started the category at home with … in which I woonbloggers questions and we through photos a look in their homes names. With a new Eagle Live I decided to revive this fun rooms. Because, who doesn’t love peeking inside at another? We stairs with Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusthe living blog. I know Marjolein personally and visited recently her beautiful House to see how a cast floor there in it really looks. Once inside I thought, this Interior should be the first new binnenkijker!

Thuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDus

Marjoram (29) and her friend Bas (33), live together with their two cats in a beautiful House on the waterfront, the House was love at first sight. It is a split level House with floor-to-ceiling Windows. Marjolein is social worker and blogging about her house and Interior on vandiedingendus.nl. Marjoram and Bass described their living style as vintage & modern industrial. So they combine a modern light cast floor with a vintage dress for extra warmth. They love unique things and natural materials such as concrete and wood.

Thuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusThuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusFrom the living room you can with steps to the kitchen, which the House very playful, the kitchen is the most favorite place in house of Marjoram. In their previous House was the kitchen apart from the living room ‘ a lot less cozy. When we pulled in this House I really wanted a large table where we could sit with a lot of people. And I succeeded! It happened that we now regularly with friends and family not on the couch flops but cozy at the dining table. ‘ From the kitchen, they have a view of the living room, the garden and the water. In the morning, a cup of coffee with water view never bored, according to Marjoram.

Thuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusThuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusThuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDus Marjolein draws its interior inspiration especially from interior magazines and instagram and pinterest. She is also very active on instagram. (Be sure to follow!) They can spend hours watching pictures and marvel at beautifully decorated houses of others, she gets the jitters to change things in the House. The favorite item in house is a huge bonsai tree or 30 years old, an asset to the living room. By the move he let all its petals fall, but now comes the tree happy again in bloom. They are also very happy with the concrete look wall, they will never paint over.

Thuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusThuis bij Marjolein van VanDieDingenDusOn my inquiry to what her wishes are answer Marjoram that there is always something to be desired. If I already have that beautiful interior magazines view I would every week something different. The art is content with what you have and get creative with stuff. If you have a vase or stool a while put in the closet, he appears with a few months new again. ‘ But then she goes loose, a beautiful open Cabinet in the living room on the place where now the trolley, nice bar stools in the kitchen and a larger bank on her wishlist.

Marjolein woonwinkelt preferably at Loods 5, cousin Louis, webshops, the cycle and market place. According to hair you should pick out living items a little creative. Thus, the tree trunks just by a gardener they sawn for them and the ‘ dead animals ‘ on the tv stand and butterflies on the wall has Bass formerly collected and we have supplemented by things we on marketplace and auction sites. Good looking! If stylingtip want to give not all trends Marjoram indiscriminately, but itself to think about what you like. And make your interior personally. For example by photos or collectibles travel to give a nice spot.

What do you think about the Interior of Marjoram and Bas? And are you also so glad to from now on again within to look in other houses? I though! Thanks for this nice kickoff Marjoram!


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