2014 a look back

2014 een terugblik
It’s almost 2015. Every year my how fast a year goes by. At the end of a year I like to look back on the past year and look forward to the new year in good spirits. There can change so much in a year, less fun and cool things happen. 2014 was not quite what I expected. My jar with happiness, with which I began at the beginning of the year remained a little bit empty. However, there were also many fine things and the promise of a new year, full of new opportunities and experiences, that I am very curious to what else is to come. And that game of luck I’m going this year hopefully good cluttering.

Last year I developed more and more my own style, only now do I know what I really like. I therefore think it is hilarious to my first attempt at a facility comparable to how it is now. I have noticed that your taste in very short time may change, but also that the House determines what works. So it seemed a large, extendable dining table me in the beginning. But I showed there is little use out of it and it was not useful in space. And of course you can not spend thousands of dollars to your d├ęcor, something is growing steadily. I bought this year, among other things, a completely new dining area, new coffee tables and a different dressing. There’s been quite a lot of my living-wishlist tick off this year, but fortunately, there remains much to dream about.

2014 een terugblikAround the clock:, March 2013 september 2013, August 2014 , november 2014.

2014 een terugblikFrom left to right: March 2013, February 2014, June 2014

Not everything has such a good end result. So this year I bought a beautiful plant, which is now more dead than alive. I find the place next to the closet, so wonderful, but unfortunately a little more sunlight plants need to have. July and now:
2014 een terugblikI visited two IG-tours, in Arnhem and Utrecht and different blog/brand events, what I find it nice to meet other bloggers in person! Also this year I did a real photo shoot with the talented Aline Baldwin. As they noticed I’m a disaster in relax on the photo, but still there are very beautiful pictures.

On a personal level, this was not really a top year. At the beginning of the year I knew that I was only half a year would work at my previous employer in the care of the disabled, a strange six months. Know that you stop, the uncertainty about what comes next and still try to finalize everything as well as possible. I was hoping to find new work again soon, but unfortunately, the search for new work a heavy. I shared the quest also on my blog. I was unemployed for three months, a period which for me just about all year overshadowed. A period in which I myself no longer recognized, nowhere had more sense in, bleak. Days off the couch. And rejection after rejection on job applications. The meaning to blog was also less, I thought a lot of time to spend blogging, but if you all days ‘ free ‘ are no longer feels like freedom. The pressure to find work was getting bigger, because the assistance hung above my head. At the last minute I unexpectedly got very good news. Two months ago, I have a job interview and two weeks later I was full time at work! The last months of the year were my salvation and I can start with the delicious certainty of a 2015 (great fun) job and a steady income. This allows me to focus on other issues, such as my blog. Although I have less time to blog, I have been totally looking forward to it and I have lots of new ideas and goals that I hope to reach in 2015.

On the planning for 2015:

  • Personal: a well-stocked memory jar and get away from it all, because once that last year could not
  • A new layout (high time after nearly three years of blogging)
  • More active on instagram and pinterest
  • Blog events and ig-tours keep visiting, because bloggers meet in real too fun
  • Create new blog categories and readers more involved in my blog
  • Experiment with videos

2014 een terugblik

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