2013 a year full of changes

2013 een jaar vol veranderingen
The last days of a year, I find them always but crazy. You’re going to always look back on the past year, it was a bit what you expected? And look ahead to what might come. Last year was a good year for me, a year full of changes. I got the end of december 2012 the keys to my apartment, I started a new job and living in a House took home.

January and February were mainly from odd jobs in my apartment. That seems already times ago now I in a nicely furnished living room typing. My living room, my home, something I crave for so long is now really. And it pleases me as well! What a months were that, there had to be so much to the home happen! I took you along in a series ‘in the meantime with the jobs‘, in which I gave updates on the progress of the movies. I find it very nice to occasionally this posts to view again. I can no longer imagine the doors were first grey and walls and floors of bare concrete. The first days of March, I moved. I tried everything to set up a little cozy in as soon as possible, but I am behind that an interior really needs to grow, and that it was never finished. There is always room for new purchases, as my couch corner and run into the smaller that I also like with your share in éénige purchases.
2013 een jaar vol veranderingen
After three months I took a hairy House living in house, small Pip. A red cat from a shelter that is now something bigger, the guzzler. PIP is a lovely cat who pursues me everywhere and like to shot is. PIP likes to play the lead role in my instagram pics, it’s a real photo model.
In June I was adopted for a new job, within the organization where I worked. I work in the care of the disabled and started in a new post as a personal attendant on a new residential form for people with a light mental handicap. It was very nice to have a new residential group to boot. Together with a colleague I took the decor was super cool on me, what to do. I thought it was pretty exciting, such a new job, but now I am grown some more in.

2013 een jaar vol veranderingen
In addition to my new job I kept blogging, of course what ever tricky was because of time. What I really liked this year was that I have a number of bloggers in real live met at a bloggerslunch. Also I visited my first press event and I followed a masterclass photography and styling. One of the highlights of the year has to be the living fair. I always look forward to the houses of the Interior magazines. There is so much to see, after a visit you walk over from the living inspiration.
I introduced two new categories on Éénig living, storage for a small and Quick styling tips. Of course I go further in 2014. Also, I want you next year give an update of all the rooms in the House, because there’s been so much has changed since I came to live here!

2013 was for me a year full of new things, a new home, a new job. Both nice, but also exciting and get used, new things cost a lot of energy. I’m glad my house feels like home and now that I’m beginning to feel more and more confident in my work. Everything is now back in what calmer waters and that is very pleasant. On to 2014, in which not fixed so many exciting changes will be as last year, but what hopefully is a good year to be able to look back on at the end. Happy new year!

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