# 10 Éénige purchases

Éénige aankopen #10
I love how my establishment is increasingly developed and everything seems to go better with time fit together. I replaced the coffee table for two separate side tables and bought a special vase.

Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Aaahh this vase. This is my first real design vase and I am totally away from it. This is a vase of Kähler, but not just one. This is the edition of the anniversaries Omaggio vase, for this occasion in a performance with copper stripes. I came there a product picture of against on the internet and was in love with, but he turned out to be sold out, and in the following Web shop as well, and at the next Web shop as well. And that was bales, because these vases are not produced anymore. In a panicky (Yes really) search on google I found this vase at a Belgian webshop and I didn’t know how fast I had to throw him in my virtual basket and checkout. And so be done. I saw the same for me how beautiful the vase would stand in combination with the print on the wall and fortunately it turned out that in the real to fall against. It is much quieter than the flower vase that I had there first. I’m glad:D He is also very nicely with my new side tables.

Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10Éénige aankopen #10These two side tables by Pure were already a time on my wishlist and now:) in the living room Something else I wanted to for a long time with my coffee table and after I bought I was sure a round dining table, round side tables. But actually sat always in my head, after this post in 2012. I am very very happy that I finally got them now! I find two tables are much looser and it surprised me how much more spacious the room it has become. As if I all of a sudden a sea of space do. The rug is also much better now to its fullest. The small difference in the tables I find beautiful, before I bought them I have quite are scrolling in a furniture shop to see what tables the best fit together. The tables are not very high, which Pip good shows on the last photo. The white table is slightly higher than the seat of the bank and the brass is lower, I think it’s beautiful as a coffee table about the same height as the bank. De witte tafel is the Two tone and the copper is called Cupid. I find the Mount of both tables really nice, white paws and a crossed base. I find the different materials like, white and wood and brushed steel in combination with a mirror surface. I’ll add more and more copper and bronze far (I think it is fine now, no more or less) and can really enjoy when I look around in the room and everything fits together so beautifully. My little house become ever more beautiful and there is I then again very happy!

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